Monday, 21 November 2011



It’s that time of the year for you to receive bunches of presents, food, love, and laughter. I’m hoping to see you smile as brightly as you always do through the good times and bad, with your members, family, and friends. Your dorky-dumb nature along with your wide toothy smiles, your contagious laughs, random hand movements, and clean cut dances never fail to make my day shine. You’re a strong, charismatic rapper/singer/dancer on stage that I can’t help but watch in awe, but seeing you carefree and jubilant on the reality side or when you cried genuine happy tears when Infinite won 1st place for various music programs is as much of an amazing side of you that I just can’t hate. I hope you have a fantastic day today with the other 6! I wish you the best to continue leaping over and bring on infinite days of determination and killer synchronized choreography! But most of all, I’ll be waiting to see you gain more singing parts. YOUR VOICE IS JSBVHJSBS OK. Eat and sleep plenty, stay strong and healthy, and I seriously hope to meet your beautiful self one day! ♥  

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