Saturday, 15 October 2011

you're my oppa!

  • Sungkyu’s Ideal type is A cute and sexy type.
  • Myungsoo’s ideal type is Someone with long, wavy hair.
  • Woohyun’s ideal type is Someone who likes him and has aegyo.
  • Dongwoo’s ideal type is Someone who fits with his personality.
  • Sungyeol’s ideal type is Someone who is laid-back and cute
  • Hoya’s ideal type A tennenboke (天然ボケ) type of person. (really hoya 0.o no wonder you love dongwoo XD}
  • Sungjong’s ideal type Someone who is chubby and cute.               
L OPPA i have wavy hair.haha.sunyeol oppa i'm cute.hehe... 

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